Do Or Do Knot® Replacement Breakaway Loop

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Adding a breakaway loop to your Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halter gives you extra peace of mind if using your halter in a situation in which your horse might get stuck or injured.

Do Or Do Knot® - there is no tie!​

While rope halters are a convenient, comfortable, and effective way to handle and train your horse, accidents can happen.

These weatherproof leather strips are designed to attach to the halter loop and provide easy attachment for the halter snap (note: a traditional tie end will not​ fit).

A Chicago screw holds the breakaway loop in place.

The leather has a breaking point of 125lbs; should the unthinkable happen, the leather is designed to tear, allowing your horse to break free.

Do Or Do Knot®  Replacement Breakaway Loop (one)

  • Complete with chicago screw
  • Available in Brown leather only
  • Also available in a set of three spare Breakaway Loops
  • If your horse pulls back the breakaway loop is easily replaced - you just need a scewdriver to secure the chicago scew provided