Do Or Do Knot ® Clip and Breakaway Rope Halters at Equigear

Do Or Do Knot ® Halters

Exclusive to Equigear and handmade in the USA - these rope halters  are the way to go if you prefer to clip your halter (or not) and use a Breakaway Loop.

Do Or Do Knot® - there is no tie!

Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters are made with your horse's safety and comfort in mind, using high-quality rope to help prevent chafing and rubbing on sensitive areas of your horse's face.

Whether you're grooming, trail riding, or training, Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters are lightweight and easy to use.

They are a "snap" to put on, without fussing with the extra halter rope or buckles.

Gentle enough for everyday use yet strong enough for training, Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters offer the perfect amount of pressure and "give" for all of your needs. Consistent and humane communication with your horse is of utmost importance; with many design options,

Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters make wonderful training tools that you and your horse can appreciate.

Do Or Do Knot® CLIP Rope Halter

Do Or Do Knot

Do Or Do Knot® BREAKAWAY Halter

Do Or Do Knot

Do Or Do Knot® Replacement Breakaway Loop

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Do Or Do Knot® Breakaway Loop - Set of Three

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