Also available in XL for 60cm+ Helmets

Equibrim - Shapeable Helmet Brim - Brown

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The Equibrim is designed to be added to most adult size riding helmets.

It has a wired brim edge, so can be shaped as you wish.


The Equibrim is designed and made here in Hamilton, NZ so you are buying KIWIMADE!

It's made of waterproof canvas and with a tight stretchy neoprene centre which allows it to fit most adult size helmets.

  • The outer edge of the brim is designed to be hand shaped.
  • It can be made to be shaped into three different styles - cowboy hat (curve at sides), Flat Sunshade (flatten out right around) or Coolie Hat (pull down right around for an inverted cone shape).

  • Installation:  The brim sits down low right along the edge of the hat and the stretchy centre piece is then folded over for extra security.IMPORTANT NOTE:  Pushing the brim ring centre down over some helmets may take some considerable force.  This ensures that the brim is secure in strong wind.  It is important that your helmet has a front peak to stop the canvas brim from slipping right down off the hat.  SOME OF THE NEW SMOOTH HELMETS will not hold this brim as there is no surface grip.

TESTED:  Galloping down the beach on a windy day, the brim does not fly off your ADULT helmet if it is fitted correctly - the brim front edge does sometimes flip back with high wind pressure as the canvas is not stiffened and it is only the brim edge that is wired.  It is easily adjusted back down.

MAKE IT YOUR OWN:  Some have sewn decorative bands around this folded edge in "their colours" others have tied a scarf or secured a hat band belt around it - all this is done just to personalise your hat the way you like it.

Colour:  Brown with black binding to fit helmets under 60cm in circumference.

We have Brown Super Brims in stock - specifically to fit helmets with a circumference of more than 60cm.  Please use the Super Brim option when ordering.

Note:  The canvas used has a block out rating of 99%, and the UV warranty of the canvas material is 2 years.