Greedy Steed Slow Feed Hay Nets at Equigear

Greedy Steed Slow Feed Haynet Q & A

What is slow feeding?

Slow feeding is when you use a mechanical method to slow down the rate at which your horse consumes its food. This means your horse will be eating for more hours in the day.

Why slow feed?

Horses are designed to eat 'little and often' . Sadly today's feeding practices and owners busy schedules mean most horses are fed twice a day and consume their feed in a very short space of time.

Slow feeding allows horses to eat over a longer portion of the day, closer to the way nature intended.

Is slow feeding just for overweight horses?

No, all horses benefit from slow feeding. Horses that are at pasture are slow feeding themselves. Any horse that spends a large portion of its time yarded or stabled or those on restricted rations will benefit from slow feeding. Slow feeding not only reduces boredom but is beneficial for the horses digestive system giving you a healthier happier horse.

Horses prone to choke will benefit from slow feeding because each mouthful will be smaller and reduces the chance of a choke episode.

How long will it take my horse to get used to the small holes?

Some will adjust straight away and others will take a little longer. For the first couple of uses try pulling some hay through the holes so your horse gets the idea a little quicker. You can also offer a small portion of the feed in your usual way and the rest in the small holed hay net until you are happy that your horse has worked it out.


Using Greedy Steed Hay Nets

How do you fill a Premium hay net?

Lay the hay net flat on the ground with the opening to the side, grasp the net and a piece of drawstring in the middle of the opening edge and lift the net open. Slide each biscuit in individually. Pull the drawstring tight to close.

How do you fill a Standard hay net?

Method 1:  Lay the hay net flat on the ground with the opening to the side, grasp the net and a piece of drawstring in the middle of the opening edge and lift the net open.

Slide the first biscuit in halfway then position the rest of the biscuits on top.

Grab the sides of hay net and pick it up so that the biscuits slide all the way in.

Pull the drawstring tight to close.

Method 2:  Lay the hay on the floor in a tall pile or stand a small square hay bale up.

Spread the net open and cover the pile of hay or with the bale just the amount you desire.

The bottom of the net is laying on top of the pile of hay with the open part of the net enveloping the pile.

 Grip opposite sides of the net and bring one of the sides of the net up with the draw string and scoop up the hay in one action. Pull the drawstring tight to close.

How do you tie a hay net?

Always hang the net as high as possible (consider the height the net will hang when empty)   Hay nets should be secured top and bottom.

Method:  Lift the hay net into position, then wrap a loop of the drawstring around the rail you are tying the hay net to.

Then bring the drawstring down as far as you can on the side the horse will be eating from and loop the drawstring through the lowest point of the net you can reach, then pull the drawstring firmly back to the rail so there is no loop of drawstring then tie the drawstring to the lowest point of the net you can reach on the opposite side (the side the horse is not on)

How do you soak hay?

Fill the hay net as per the above methods. Fill a large container with water and place the hay net inside. Leave hay to soak for at least 60 minutes in cold water or 30 minutes in hot water to leach out the sugars for laminitis or founder prone horses. Hang the net to drain before feeding. Warning the soaked hay will be very heavy.



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