LightRider Stockhorse Bitless Bridle - Beta Biothane


The LightRider Stockhorse Style Bitless Bridle is made from top of the line USA Beta Biothane. 

This is a beautifully soft easy care bridle that is vastly superior to leather in softness and durability.


This popular style is also suitable for shows, pony club, jumping, dressage, hunters and adult riding clubs.  Made from top of the line synthetic leather-look  USA eta Biothane .

We don't sell harsh plastic based stiff bridles - this is a high quality super soft bridle that amazes everyone that touches it.

It won't peel or crack like other synthetic bridles do, and will last a lifetime.

Ideal for trekking and riding schools where easy care, low maintenance and high durability are a must!

Unique Chinstrap:
The purpose of the soft webbing chin strap is to help the noseband stay in place when pressure is applied to the reins - this keeps the noseband from twisting around. The chinstrap becomes snug and does not over-tighten so this bridle is usually well accepted by sensitive horses.

The Stockhorse style has a ring headpiece allowing the browband to self adjust position.
It also has solid extra padding on the headpiece and noseband.
Maximum comfort around the poll/brow as they can rotate around the ring.
Soft webbing adjustable chinstrap that releases for comfort and reward.
The noseband sits higher than most bitless bridles and does not need to be tight, allowing the horse to eat and drink.
Designed for leading your horse too, or the lead ring and strap can be removed for ridden show classes.
Also great for showing in led classes without a bit.

Colours: Black only in Standard Biothane with brass fittings. Also available in dark brown by special order.

Cob usually (fits 13.2hh-14.3hh/132cm to 152cm).
Full usually (fits 15hh-16.2hh/152cm to 173cm).
Warmblood/draft usually (fits solid 17hh-18hh/164cm to 183cm) or smaller draft breeds.

Reins are not included with this bridle:  Scissor rein clips for easy change over to the leading ring which enables groundwork/leading/lunging, or buy LightRider reins with clips included to have the correctly weighted reins designed for maximum chinstrap release.