Wrangler Jayne's Horsemanship with Heart - Relaxed Riding Volume 1

Wrangler Jayne

Wrangler Jayne's Horsemanship with Heart - Relaxed Riding Volume 1  ( 3 DVD Set).

If you have ever dreamed of riding your horse using the power of your focus, the strength of your breathing, the magic of your body language - then this is the series for you!

Relaxed riding is safe, fun and feels fantastic!

In this set of three DVD's Jayne introduces the foundation skills - in the saddle, bareback, and without a bit! - and gives detailed practical instruction that will build your confidence and help you be a gentler communicator.  This is a natural continuation of the Horsemanship with Heart Essentials 1, 2 & 3.

DVD One:  - Introduction & getting ready.  Check your brakes.  Moving your horse around.  Time to mount up.  Polite saddling.  Perparing to Mount.  Mounting.

DVD Two:  - Review & continue mounting.  Getting moving.  Turning & stopping.  Bareback & yields.  The value of balance and lightness.  Demonstrating: forward, turn and halt.

DVD Three: - Back up.  Revisit bend and stop from a walk.  Desensitising to the tarp.  Through the poles.  Riding along the fence.


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