Saddlefit Pro - DVD

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The Saddlefit  Pro 'How To' Easy Saddle Fitting Guide is an easy to follow DVD containing secrets saddle fitters don't want you to know!

If your horse has behaviour issues, a sore back , or is reluctant to go forward or do as you ask of him, it's likely his saddle doesn't fit him properly.

In this DVD you will learn:

- How to check if your saddle fits; get educated on saddle fitting

- How to measure your horse's back and shape to find out what size his back actually is

- What areas to check and how to go about it; identify problem areas and common pressure points

- Make sure your horse is comfortable; reduce pinching and rubbing

- Keep yourself safe; a horse in pain from an ill-fitting saddle is a buck, bolt or rear waiting to happen

- In most cases - reduce the need for a costly saddle fitter; learn the secrets they don't want you to know!