Saddlefit Pro Tool

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This tool is a handy addition to your tack box!  The Saddlefit Pro Tool is designed to help you check the fit of your horse's saddle comparative to the shape of your horse's back shape and style.

This ingenious tool enables you to check your horses saddle fit and to keep a record of the shape changes in your horse's back.

It is a very handy tool for use when buying a saddle.  You can ask for measurements from between the same points of the saddle, or bring your accurate measurements with you when saddle shopping so you can compare.

When asking questions about a saddle you are interested in pruchasing, by using the Saddlefit Pro Tool, you can ask for the measurements between the same points to acturately gauge the suitability of the saddel for your horse.

The Saddlefit Pro Tool also helps you gather acurate information via back tracings and measurements as an indication of muscle development in your horse's back, and to decide what exercises to do with your horse to work both sides evenly.  Your horse's back shape can change often due to changes in diet, exercise, saddle fit etc.  It is important to check the fit of your saddle regularly and alter it (and any padding you use) as necessary to keep your horse comfortable and performing at his best.

The Saddlefit Pro Tool comes in a reusable storage bag with complete written instructions.

Instructional Saddlefit Pro DVD available separately.