Moisture Magnet Rapid Drying Towel

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  • Description

This is the ultimate fast and efficient way to keep your horse dry - whether it be after washing or a good workout!

Guaranteed to dry animals in half the time (of a normal towel).

Actually pulls the water from the animals coat.


  • Moisture Magnet professional drying towel is super absorbent
  • Pulls moisture from animals coat
  • Guaranteed to dry in half the time a normal towel does
  • Absorbs 10 times it's weight in liquid
  • Ideal for pulling wet accidents from carpets and upholstery
  • Also perfect for use at the bottom of pet cages, under water bowls
  • Moisture Magnet is resistant to blood - so great to use in whelping boxes or to clean up after injury
  • Many uses at home as well - washing, cleaning, drying, dishes, windows, mirrors, vehicles
  • Also great to press onto woollen sweaters to dry them quickly
  • Can be used dry to polish things to a nice shine (horse harness, and home decor!)