SUBMIT - for Calm Focused Horses - 1kg


SUBMIT is designed to improve submission and keep your horse calm and focused.

500 gram bag - 17 doses

Ideal for highly strung horses, retraining, or in times of stress.

SUBMIT contains a unique blend of tryptophan and herbs.

SUBMIT is designed to:

  • Improve submission
  • Help horse relaxation
  • Decrease stress
  • Keep your horse calm and focussed
  • Suitable for all horses
  • Suitable for moody mares or colty geldings
  • Suitable for pushy or dominating horses
  • Helps level horses out and keep them concentrating
  • Can be used daily if needed

SUBMIT has a two phase effect.  It starts to work after 3-4 hours with a more traditional calming effect - but at around 7 hours, the submission improves and will have an effect for the rest of the 24hr period.

We recommend timing the close for the effect you desire.

**NOTE** please be aware that grass affected horses generally do not respond well to calming supplements and it is advise to first establish whether this is an issue before administiring SUBMIT.

If this product does not perform as expected then we highly recommend using our GRAZE PLUS before trying SUBMIT again.

SUBMIT comes in 500g  and 1kg bags.