Equigear Western Split Rope Reins

Equi-Rope Reins are made to the highest standards and in 12mm rope width.

These reins provide excellent 'feel' without being heavy.


Equi-Rope Reins are made to the highest standards in 12mm rope width.

These reins are split and have USA Beta Biothane Poppers at each end. CLIPS ARE NOT INCLUDED

Equi-Rope Reins are made from marine grade double braid polyester yachting poly-rope made in Australia to the high standards set by the marine industry, being highly resistant to abrasion, yet soft to the feel with a breaking strain in excess of 4500kg.

Equi-Rope Rein Qualities:

* Firm yet soft and durable (unlike cheap polyethylene and polypropylene ropes)
* Polyester will not harden or break down with age. It is not affected by water, will not rot, mould or mildew, and is resistant to most acids and oils.
* Polyester can be washed with normal household detergents in warm water.
* Colour fast - will have only minor fading over the long life of the rope.
* Low abrasion - polyester produces less friction so that means a greatly reduced chance of rope burn and less abrasion on your horse’s skin.
* Stronger and longer life - Cheap polypropylene halter cords and webbing have a much lower breaking strain.

Our Equi-Rope Reins are an investment that will last for many years!  There are many other rope reins on the market.  Many are made from nylon yachting braid which was never designed for equine use.  Nylon braid lines stretch over time, can  fade and become stiff with use and increase in size due to moisture absorption.  Many have clips that cannot be removed or  easily replaced if broken.