LightRider Best Bareback Pads - Real Suede


LightRider Bareback pads are made with real suede and have a felt lining and removeable girth points.

Unlike most other Bareback Pads  the Lightrider Best Bareback Pad is designed without girth strap pressure over the wither area.


Lightrider Best Bareback Pads are an affordable and comfortable bareback pad tested and proven design to really work for all types including higher withered horses.

 The unique Lightrider design features:

  • A curved shape to accommodate a wither
  • These pads are contoured for horse and rider comfort.
  • Real Suede pile is stylish and offers excellent rider 'stickability'.
  • Will not tighten directly onto the backbone due to stitched down webbing either side of the spine and relief in the webbing over the spine
  • D rings front and back to attach your saddle pad, breastplate, coat, lead rope, water bottle etc.
  • Reinforced handle is positioned east/west for easy access where it lies on the wither.
  • 16mm thick so pass the 'pinch' test, and provide good protection for both horse and rider
  • Girth points are included but can be removed to attach western latigos if desired (can be purchased here).

The girth strap is sewn in a unique way so that it does not encompass the whole wither.  This eliminates  any pressure points normally associated with other bareback pads that have an over-sewn girth strap.

We recommend that a saddle pad is used underneath the Bareback Pad to keep the felt lining clean. A treeless saddle pad may be required for horses with a very under muscled back and high wither.

The real suede outer is stylish and offers excellent rider stickability.

Designed by Cynthia Cooper, these bareback pads are hand made by a Tasmanian Saddler using top quality materials.

Colours: The Best Bareback Pad comes in Black, Brown and also by order in: Forest Green, Navy, Red or Pink. 

Sizes:  We stock REGULAR Black and Brown (other colours and sizes by order only)
Small (to suit ponies/children/small adults) measures 16.5" (42cm) long + 16" (41cm) deep
Regular (Horse Size) measures 20" (51cm) long and 18" (46cm) deep.