Wrangler Jayne's Horsemanship with Heart Program - Ground Skills Essentials Volume Two

Wrangler Jayne
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Wrangler Jayne's Horsemanship with Heart Ground Skills Set consists of Three Programs (Volumes) - each containing two DVD's (total 6 DVD's complete the set)

Program Two - "Communicate With Your Heart" is the second in the set.

Wrangler Jayne's Horsemanship with Heart Ground Skills Set consists of Three Programs - each containing two DVD's (total 6 DVD set)

Program Two - "Communicate With Your Heart"

Ground Skills Essentials Two - "Communicate with Your Heart" - Jayne uses the language of the horse, playing phsical 'games' - on line - showing you how to build Trust, Confidence and Respect.  Each foundation exercise shows you how to improve your communication skills and establish you as the leading partner in your relationship.  Jayne explains each game and demonstrates in detail just how it's done, through teaching phrases that help your horse understand and respond softly and lightly to your requests.

Also available separately:

Program One (Duration 2 Hours):  The relationship with your horse, Building trust, Confidence and respect, Protecting your space, Touching your horse - the right way, Haltering politely, handling feet and legs, Feed time manners, Introducing a plastic bag, Using approach and retreat, Asking your horse to bend their head (Lateral Flexion), Leading your horse.

Program Three (Duration 2 Hours):  Developing your Focus, Feel and Timing, Higher energy friendly game with tools, Tips for handling your rope and stick.  Introducing the Merry Go Round Game (Game 6),  The Sideways Game (Game 7), The Go Between Game (Game 8).


Ground Skills Essentials Three - "Heart Moves" - You will enjoy the moves Jayne shows you in this set!  Using your energy, body language and focus, you'll expand the skills you have already developed in Essentials 1 and 2 and learn how to use your tools more effectively to ask your horse to move around more.  You'll see how to ask for impulsion and respect, while keeping things soft and light.  Jayne explains the purpose of each game and clearly demonstrates each exercise so you can enjoy successful sessions at home.


This whole program (including Essentials 2 & 3) form the foundation of your communication with any horse - no matter what type of horse you have, or what sort of activities you can do with him or her. 

This set is essential viewing viewing and will give you the skills to become a better, more knowlegeable horseperson.