Lightrider Bitless Bridles

LightRider Rope Natural Bitless Bridle

The Lightrider Rope Natural bridle gives your horse the most comfort and you the most versatility of use as a halter or as a bitless bridle. Like all Lightrider bridles it can be used as a sidepull bitless bridle too.

Limited sizes and colours left!

Lightrider Patent Leather Dressage Bridle

Absolutely stunning!

Perfect for bitless dressage competition, this stunning leather bridle has a raised shiny patent browband and noseband with thick soft white cushioning underneath.

LightRider English Style Bitless Bridle - Regular Leather

The LightRider English Style Bitless Bridle is a classy traditional looking bridle with a flat browband and noseband.

LightRider English Style Bitless Bridle - Beta Biothane

The LightRider English Style Beta Biothane Bridle is an excellent easy care traditional looking alternative to leather.
So soft and flexible - beautiful to handle!