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Welcome to EquiGear, Suppliers of quality Western & Trekking Gear.

EquiGear is a family run Equine Store bringing you quality equestrian products that you may not find in your usual saddlery store.

We are the exclusive agents for Greedy Steed Slow Feed Haynets and LightRider Bitless Bridles in New Zealand.

We are also stock  QUALITY HAND CRAFTED ANGUS BARRETT  Reins and Hobbles.



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Lightrider Treeless Saddle Pad with Inserts

Padded Cotton Saddle Pad with shaped pockets either side enabling you to insert foam padding inserts.

Specifically made for use underneath the Lightrider Best Bareback Pad - to keep it clean and provide extra padding for you and your horses comfort.

Quirt or Whip-Whop

Handmade Equi-Rope Quirt with Branded Leather Popper.

Much easier to carry than a whip or stick.

Kids Trooper Western Saddle Pad

Trooper Kids Western Saddle Pad - a mini me of Mum and Dad's Pad!

SALE PRICE - $39.00 - Were $69.90


Hoof Trim Kit

Hoof Trim Kit for the home farrier.

Packaged four piece set - a practical gift for any horse person!

Retractable Horse Hand Measure

Handy retractable horse height measurement tape in 'Hands'

Real Life With Horses

A fantastic, easy to read book that you will find yourself referring to again and again!

Covering everyday horse keeping matters and ideas on how to provide your equine partner with a life that suits their needs and yours!

There Are No Problem Horses Only Problem Riders

The best-selling guide to horsemanship — for English and Western riders

THERE ARE NO PROBLEM HORSES, ONLY PROBLEM RIDERS has stood for twenty years as an indispensable text for all horse people of any equine discipline.

Equi Guard Cutback Memory Foam Support Pad

The  Equi Guard Cutback Memory Foam Support Pad improves saddle fit by contracting at pressure points and filling up gaps.

36 x 52xn



Greedy Steed Full Bale Premium Knotless Hay Net with 4cm Holes

Greedy Steed Premium Knotless Slow Feed Hay Net


The Premium FULL BALE GREEDY STEED is  90cm wide and 130cm long.

  • Holds a full bale of hay
  • 4cm square holes
  • Soft feel knotless braid netting
  • High quality polyester rope drawstring
  • Contrasting colour drawstring
  • No metal parts to rust
  • Biscuit shaped to make loading easier

Extra Greedy Steed Premium Large Haynet with 3cm Holes

If you have an extra Greedy Steed then try this Greedy Steed Premium Knotless Haynet with smaller 3cm holes!

3cm holes encourage natural trickle feeding and slow fast eaters down.  The holes are small enough to get hay out but not let hooves tangle in the net - so this net is great for ground feeding.

Ready to Rope - Coir Mat

Ready to Rope Silhouette Design Coir Mat.

Stunning feature doormat for your entrance way and perfect for placing at your float or truck door.

HoofWraps Equine Bandage

Hoof Wraps is a multi-use, multi-purpose bandage for everyday horse hoof care and protection. Easily treat common hoof problems like horse hoof abscess, thrush and stone bruise, or use for protection after shoe loss. They're designed specifically for horses on turn out so your horse can still enjoy the freedom of mobility during treatment.

LightRider Bitless EURO Noseband - Regular Leather

The LightRider Bitless Noseband in drum dyed leather can be added to your favourite bridle.  Make use of those bridles you have at home by converting them to bitless, giving you more options for fitting different sizes, and bridle styles including driving bridles.
The Euro Style is raised and rounded similar to a Hanoverian Noseband.

LightRider Rope Natural Bitless Bridle

The LightRider Rope Natural Bridle is ideal for educating, trail riding, endurance, horsemanship, and pleasure riding.

The rope LightRider Bridles gives your horse the most comfort and you the most versatility of use as a halter (to tie solid with a lead rope) and as a bitless bridle.

LightRider Euro Raised Leather Bitless Bridle

The LightRider Euro Bitless Bridle is a classy, traditional European style bridle. It features a raised and padded browband, noseband and a comfort padded single headpiece.